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  • M - F: 9A - 5P

AVSKY takes our duty to clients very seriously.
We do not view business as a job, but rather as a medium in which we can serve clients in a positive way.
Everything we do is done with integrity and professionalism.

Tyler Holt


Loves Chess and dad jokes. Hates Carwashes.

Ryan Brnovich

Vice President, Aircraft Sales

Batted 0.398 in college.

Danielle Grannan

Operations Manager

Hs a chicken named “Big Mama”.

Brendan Cutting

Sales Executive (Turboprop specialist)

AvSKY record holder for fastest to get a listing.

Henrique Cerruti

Sales Executive (South America/Brazil)

Eternal optimist. Loves big deals and traveling.

Marcelo Talamas

Sales Executive (South/Central America)

Friends with player on Mexico’s national soccer team.

Jacob "Coop" Cooper

Sales Executive

Golfing handicap of 2. Talks more than anyone you’ve ever met.

Wende Dahlsten

Sales Coordinator

Can make 40 cold calls in an hour.

Matheus Santiago

Sales Executive (South America/Brazil)

Fluent in 3 Languages

Cameron Cary

Market Research Analyst

Can serenade you with his voice and guitar.

Eric Wright

Sales Executive

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